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Monday, January 31, 2011

V-Day and Valuable Info

Can you believe there are only two weeks left until Valentine's Day? The official day for romance...or is it? I know many people who think Valentine's Day is just another commercialized holiday and that love should be expressed every day of the year. I think it revives the man-gift dilemma too soon after Christmas. What DO you give a guy on Valentine's Day? More on that in just a sec. First, I have a few must-visit links to point out or I'll be guilty of withholding valuable info.

1. Harlequin Superromance editor Victoria Curran is over at the Super Author's blog this morning. She gives a great peek at what an editor juggles behind-the-scenes. Plus, senior editor Wanda Ottewell will be there tomorrow with more insight on what an editor wants.

2. Registration for RWA Nationals in New York is underway and rumor has it that the hotel is filling up quickly. Attending my first Nationals meeting in DC was one of the best things I ever did for myself as a writer. To register visit

3. Author Donna Alward does fantastic 'Writer Wednesday' blog posts. One of her more recent posts included an actual before-and-after example of her CP's comments and how even the most subtle revision changes can make a huge impact on the story strength. Here's the link to that particular post called What's It Really About Anyway.

4. And don't forget to stop by on Monday of next week for my interview with Superromance author Jeannie Watt. She'll be stopping by to answer any writing questions you have. Don't miss out!

And now back to Valentine's Day and men.

As writers we're supposed to avoid cliches like the plague. Well, what's more cliche than flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day? I mean, I love chocolate. So much that I eat it everday of the year (just about) which takes the thrill out of getting in on February 14th. As for flowers, love 'em outside but they wreak havoc on my allergies if indoors. And what guy wants to get flowers? I'm of the opinion that men secretly despise Valentine's Day. I think the pressure scares the #*%# out of them.

So how about getting them to relax? Remember RWA's push to give books during the holiday season? Why not for V-Day? Not all men will read a romance, but how about a fast-paced hot read like a Harlequin Blaze or something hotter that you can download on your Kindle and cuddle in bed with? He won't read it? Read it to him!

Too much for you? Okay, what about nixing the dinner out and snuggling with a romantic movie that even a guy would enjoy?

What do you think about V-Day? What are your romantic man-gift ideas? Any plans?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Are we cave women at heart?

Good first Monday morning in 2011 to all!

I just came across a super interesting article regarding research linking Darwinian theory and the psychology of romance readers. The article, Evolutionary Psychologists Turn Attention To Romantic Fiction, posted this past March in The Guardian, is based on an analysis of over 15,000 Harlequin romance novels done by two Canadian researchers from the Centre for Psychology and Computing in Dartmouth, Canada and the Department of Psychology at St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia. More specifically, they analyzed key words in Harlequin titles and looked for a correlation between those buzz words and our 'survival of the fittest' instincts. The most commonly used word was 'love'. Check out the article to what words came up next and why Harlequins fly off the shelves. It seems we go for the same type of guys our cave sisters went for ;).

Also, speaking of Harlequin, today is the launch party for the new Super Romance Author Blog! Head on over there to meet up with a group of truly amazing authors and (rumor has it) Super's editors, Victoria Curran and Wanda Ottewell.

Have a wonderful start to your New Year!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pictures from RWA Nationals 2010

Happy Monday everyone! I'm still running on RWA Nationals adrenaline. The conference was absolutely fabulous (that damn -ly ending crept in there on its own, I swear). I can't say enough about the workshops, events, PRO retreat, and speakers. Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz were inspiring. Awards ceremony emcee Sabrina Jeffries was hilarious. I'm completely blown away by how well RWA pulled off the relocation. What an amazing group of women.

That brings me to another amazing group of women - the Harlequin Superromance authors and their editors. I knew from their books and from the Harlequin forums that they were friendly and talented, but meeting them in person made me understand why their writing grabs the heart. These women are truly generous, genuine, and down-to-earth...not to mention beautiful inside and out.

Picture drum roll...

Jeannie Watt's gorgeous daughter and fellow writer, Jamie, Jeannie, Amy Knupp, Me, Kay Stockham, and Helen Brenna

Kay Stockham, editor Wanda Ottewell, Jeannie Watt, editor Victoria Curran, and Amy Knupp

Me, Jeannie Watt, editor Victoria Curran, and Amy Kupp

Editor Wanda Ottewell, Me, and Amy Knupp

Kay Stockham and Wanda Ottewell
Victoria Curran and Beth Andrews after their Rita win. Congratulations!

Jeannie Watt and Margaret Watson at the autographing

Amy at the autographing

Rita winner Beth Andrews

Me and Kay Stockham at the autographing

Rita Finalist Helen Brenna

Liz Talley with one of many fans

Wait...there's more! Nora Roberts' keynote speech centered on lifelong friendships born at RWA. I'm sure I'm not the only one her words touched. At my first meeting, last year, I met another first timer, Kaily Hart. We clicked, as Nora put it, and stayed in touch ever since. It was wonderful to get to spend time with her again, and to get to celebrate the publication of her first novella.

Me and Kaily

And a few more pics from the Readers for Life Autographing that raised $55,000 for literacy...

Rita winner Sherry Thomas

Victoria Alexander

Stephanie Laurens

...and the one and only Nora Roberts

Whew! I promised pictures and when I promise, I deliver. Don't forget to check out the complete list of Rita and Golden Heart winners at the RWA website.

I hope every one of you gets a chance to attend at least one RWA Nationals conference. The experience and friendships are unbeatable. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

First day of summer

It's officially the longest day of the year! You would think that I would have managed to get some writing done, but alas, it was also my children's first Monday home from school. I spent the morning catching up on laundry and planting some herbs. After that, the kids helped me spackle, sand and paint pits in their room walls, courtesy of toys launched from home-made catapults. Boys. Argh!

With just under an hour left of the first day of summer, I did mangage to get some writing related work done. For one thing, I'm writing this post . I also read an awesome and informative interview with Harlequin Superromance Senior Editor Wanda Ottewell, posted by new author Liz Talley, at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. It's a must read!

I'm very excited to announce that upcoming author Kaily Hart will be here on Monday, July 5th to share her experiences on the path to publication. Kaily is not only an extraordinary person and great friend, but a wonderful writer as well. Be sure to join us!

Here's to a great and productive summer!